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For Dooars tour packages must come to North Bengal. It is a well-known tourist destination on the tourism map of West Bengal.
North Bengal is known as a travel paradise for travellers from all over world for its many named tourist destinations like Darjeeling, Kurseong, Kalimpong, Jaldapara forest, Gorumara National Park and so many popular tourist destinations.
Book Dooars tour package from Mercury Tour Operator to know its beauty and serenity of jungle tourism of north Bengal. Dooars is surrounded by North Bengal, Bhutan & Assam.
Dooars Tour packages consists of two major jungles like Jaldapara forest within the Buxa Tiger reserve area and Gorumara forest located on the foothills of the Himalayas.
We are one of the best Dooars tour operators with lots of experience on wildlife tourism. During your holiday vacation in Dooars, We provide best hotel and resorts in Dooars. We arrange station or airport pick up and drop services and also visit local sightseeing places with proper guidance.
During Dooars Trip we provide govt authorized Dooars tour guide to explain about the jungle and wild animals in Dooars.
Dooars tours are planned according to the convenience of the travelers. One of the most popular biggest attractions of Dooars tour is the jungle safari and watchtower visit.
Elephant safari during Dooars tour is very much attractive activities of the tourist. During your visit to Gorumara National Park try to cover most popular Yatraprasad watch tower by bullock cart and experience the jungle adventure.

Best Time to do Dooars Tour :

October to March is the best time to visit Dooars. It is ideal time to go to the forest. The weather is very good at this time.

Dooars tour cost:

Dooars Tour Cost is very reasonable and its depends how do you want to enjoy your vacation in Dooars with lots of fun activities.
During trip to Dooars tourist are also like to cover renowned hill stations like Lava and Rishyap. Visit Mesmerizing tourist spot of Dooars and enjoy Dooars Jungle Safari during your Dooars Tour Package.

How to Visit Dooars:

Dooars is well connected by roadways and railways from Kolkata, Siliguri, NJP, Hasimara, New Alipur duar and New Mal Junction. From any part of India you can reach New Jalpaiguri railway station by train or by flight to Bagdogra and from there you can travel to Dooars by road.

We conduct regular Dooars tour throughout the year. During Dooars tour from Siliguri, NJP and Bagdogra airport, we provide on road transportation services. Since Kolkata is a very important city in North East India and can be reached by train, airplane, and bus from all over India, it is convenient for everyone, that’s why we frequently organize Dooars package tour from Kolkata.

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Dooars Trip Tourist attractions:

Dooars tourism consists of two Major forests like Jaldapara Forest and Gorumara National Park. During Dooars trip enjoy Jungle Jeep Safari, Elephant safari, Watch tower visit, and indulge in local sightseeing  places like Murti, Samsing, Paren, Rocky Island, Khunia, Sontalekhola, Jhalong, Bindu, Jayanti, Buxa, Rajabhatkhawa, South Khayerbari leopard rescue center, Phuentsholing  Bhutan and so many beautiful tourist destinations. Mercury Tour Operator provides Dooars Jungle Safari, Chilapata Jungle safari, Gorumara Jungle safari, Jaldapara Jungle Safari, North Bengal Tour Package, Buxa Jayanti Tour Plan, etc.

Dooars Jungle safari and elephant ride

One of the attractions of the Dooars trip is the Dooars jungle Safari tour. The popular jungle safaris here are Garumara jungle safari, Lataguri jungle safari, Jaldapara jungle safari, Chilapata jungle safari, Buxa jungle safari, etc.
Tour Plan should be comprised of Dooars Jaldapara tour, Gorumara tour, Chapramari, Chilapata forest tour, Media Watchtower by Jeep Safari, or Elephant ride in Dooars. During your Dooars Tour, you must experience Gorumara Jeep safari, Media Watchtower tour buffalo cart, Dooars Jaldapara Elephant Safari, etc.
To book Dooars jeep safari online, go to the Forest Department portal and find out which jungle safari tickets are available, according to which Dooars safari booking has to be done. Prior to your Dooars trip package Book Dooars Jungle Safari Online Booking to avoid the rush.

Elephant Safari in Dooars

Elephant safari is at Jaldapara Forest is very popular. There are many elephants that are used for safaris in the jungle. Elephant Safari was closed due to the Covid19 situation which is going to reopen very soon. Here is some information about Dooars Elephant Safari Cost .
For example, the entry fee is 50 rupees per person (for Indians) and 200 rupees for foreign nationals. Elephant Safari Cost for Indians is Rs. 200 and Rs. 500 per head for foreigners.

Safari Timings and details

North Bengal, which is known as the Gate way of North East is that the attractive tourist destination of the nature lovers. Dooar encircled by international boundaries of Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. It’s conjointly encircled by the Himalayason one side – the treasure of natural beauty and also the planes with historic importance and also the furious mountainous rivers and fountains. And also the southern aspect is huge Gangetic plains. A vast texture of virgin forests is cress- crossed by the river Teesta with wildlife, unending tea gardens, interspersed with scenic beauty, constitute a fascinating tourist destination. Dooars tourism is covering many wildlife sanctuaries and national park like Jaldapara National Park, Buxa Tiger Reserve, Gorumara National Park, Chapramari wildlife sanctuary and the Mahananda wildlife sanctuary in West Bengal are located in this part.

Dooars tourist attractions places of interest | Dooars tourist spot

Gorumara National Park

It is most popular & located in the Jalpaiguri district. River Jaldhaka, Murti, Mahananda have passed through Gorumara National Park area. In the year 1949, Gorumara Forest was declared as wildlife sanctuary & later in the year 1992, it was declared as a Gorumara National Park. This Park is famous for Indian one horn rhinoceros, Elephant, Gaur (Indian Bison), Leopard, Python, Deear etc. During Dooars Tour must visit Gorumara national Park, which is having four different watch tower comprising of Methla Watchtower, Chukchuki Watchtower, Chandrachur watchtower & Chapramari Watchtower.

Lataguri Dooars

Lataguri is the nearest area of Gorumara National park. Many private Resorts & hotels accommodation are available in this area. Tourist can visit Gorumara National Park in day time staying at hotels in Lataguri area. Tourist can obtain day visit permission to the National Park from Nature Interpretation Centre, Department of Forest Govt. of West Bengal, Lataguri office. The Dooars tourism offers the tourists to visit the beautiful and flourishing town of Lataguri and allows one to let the hiker in them be revealed. Being a village once, Lataguri is now a flourishing town with open fields and uncultivated farms.
Lataguri allows one to visit various national parks like the Gorumara National park, the Chapramari Nation Park and the famous Buxa forest and fort. The permits to enter these National Parks are given from Lataguri. Another attraction in the village itself is the “Nature Interpretation Centre” which provides a lot of information to the tourists regarding the flora and fauna that are found in the Dooars. Thus Lataguri is a compulsory spot for a Dooars tour.

Jatraprasad watch tower:

Named after a female Elephant known for her caring nature, the Jatraprasad watch tower is known to have the most splendid view among the watch tower because of the presence of the salt lakes just below. It holds refuge to a huge number of wildlife and can be very enjoyable to watch especially during the morning and afternoon safaris.
Medla watch tower: The Medla watch tower allows the tourists to enjoy the ride of a unique bullock cart driven safari. The journey to the watch tower allows tourists sighting is various bisons, deer and even elephants. One can get a beautiful Panasonic view of the jungle from the upper platform of the watch tower.

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

Being the neighbour of the Gorumara National Park, the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is another spectacular spot in the Dooars tourism. The sanctuary is known for the number of Asian elephants found here. Other than the elephants, one can find a large variety of wildlife including the Indian bison, rhinoceroses, deer, boar and even leopards. But unlike the Gorumara National Park, the royal Bengal tiger cannot be found here. One is advised not to take on a Dooars tour including the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary in the rainy season as it remains closed to tourists from June to September.
Khunia forest: The Khunia forest is a vast area of grassland between the Gorumara National Park and the Chapramari Wildlife sanctuary. The Chapramari Wildlife sanctuary is just a kilometre away from the Khunia forest. There is basically a watch tower in the middle of the grasslands. The huge pond and salt lake in the area attracts a huge number of animals and provide beautiful scenery of the grassland. The watch tower inside the forest is known as the Chandrachur watch tower which was formally known as the Khunia watch tower. Unfortunately the forest doesn’t have any lodging centres inside. One is welcome to come and visit and see the wonderful panoramic view of the forest in the banks of the Murti River.

Jaldapara Wild life Sacntuary

Home to the river Torsa, Jaldapara is an area of vast grassland with patches of riverine forests. Jaldapara was declared to be a wildlife sanctuary in 1941 for the protection of the wide variety of flora and fauna that are found in this region including the one-horned rhinoceros which is currently said to be endangered. If you like to visit forests or are interested in wildlife and flora photography then a Dooars tour including Jaldapara is best for you. Jaldapara is a great mixture of grassland, deciduous forests and river banks. These river banks hold refuge to a large number of mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds and it’s a great experience to watch them with our naked eyes.
Jaldapara National Park situated in Alipurduar Sub-division of Jalpaiguri district in West Bengal is about 124 km from Siliguri. This sanctuary was constituted in the year 1941 for the protection of Wild Life, particularly one-horned Rhinoceros (see the picture above), an animal threatened with extinction. River Torsha runs through the sanctuary. The forest is mainly savannah covered with tall elephant grasses. The wildlife, in addition to one-horned Rhinos, consists of Royal Bengal Tigers, wild Elephants, Deer, Sambhar, Barking Deer, Spotted Deer and Hog Deer, wild Pig, Bisons and a number of Birds, Peafowls. Nearest railway station is Madarihat, which is only 7km from the sanctuary and all the passenger trains stop here. Jaldapara Tourist Lodge is in a walk able distance from this railway station. All the mail and Express trains stop at Birpara/Hasimara railway stations. Both are 20 km away from the sanctuary.
Chilapata Forest is a dense natural forest close to Jaldapara national park in Dooars. It’s almost twenty kilometerfrom Alipurduar area and 95km from Jalpaiguri area is among the Jalpaiguri District. A drive through the forests is a remarkable experience. Observation of elephants is nearly regular. River Torsha runs through the sanctuary. The forest is especially savannah covered with tall elephant grasses. The wildlife, additionally to one-horned Rhinos, consists of Royal Bengal Tigers, wild Elephants, Deer, Sambhar, deer, spotted deer and Hog deer, wild Pig, Gour and variety of Birds, Peafowls.

Samsing Valley

Samsing is the most beautiful tourist destination with its picturesque landscape. Samsing is very near to Sontalekhola. It is an ideal summer cool destination with the altitude of 3000ft high. Toursit generally cover this place from Lataguri or during the time to going from Gorumara to Madarihat. Situated in the foothills in between Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling districts border, Samsing is a small town that serves as the gateway to the famous Neora Valley National Park. Samsing is said to be the queen of Dooars. If you are a nature lover, a Dooars tour including Samsing is best for you. From hills, plains, forests, tea gardens to villages, Samsing is a fusion of all the variety of beauties that nature has to provide. It is a well known tourist attraction. The pictorial scenery of Samsing is enough for one to come and visit the place. Tea gardens here include the Chalsa tea garden, Zurantee tea garden and Samsing tea garden. Samsing also harbors a large number of exquisite birds including the grey nightjar, greater racket-tailed drongo and black chinned Yuhinas.
Suntalekhola is a beautiful small village and a popular tourist destination. It gets its name from a small river Suntaley Khola. In Nepali language, Suntaley means orange &khola means stream or Small River. Suntalekhola is amazing & holds varieties of birds and butterflies here. Several trekking routes originate from this place, most of which are passing through the Neora Valley National Park, which is adjacent to this place. Suntalekhola is famous for its beautiful landscape surrounded by green tea gardens, hills and forests, which attract a lot of tourists to spend their holidays in this spot.
Chapramari is one of the famous watchtowers in Gorumara range which is on the way to Jaldapara. There is a metre gauge railway station which connected Chalsa as well as Nagrakata with this forest area.

Jhalong Bindu Jaldhaka

One can feel like they are back to the time when there were no tall concrete buildings and clouds of smoke around them. The fresh air and the scenic beauty of the place are mesmerising. Jhalong is where the Jhalong River meets the Jaldhaka River. Also, the Jaldhaka water project (Jaldhaka Hydel Project) has also been established here and thus Jhalong is also called Jaldhaka sometimes.

Jhalong – Bindu is about 107 km. from Siliguri & It is the last village of West Bengal in Indo-Bhutan border, Bindu located on the bank of river Jaldhaka. Journey to Bindu via Chapramari Forest is a great experience.
Jhalong is the beautiful tourist spot in Dooars. It is situated near the bank of Jaldhaka River. Jaldhaka Hydro electricity project on the Jaldhaka River is another important tourist attraction. The large reserve
provides a great opportunity to the bird lovers to find a various collection of hill birds as well as migratory water fouls too. Situated near the Indo-Bhutan border, Jhalong is a beautiful hill station in the banks of the river Jaldhaka.

Jayanti name came from the River Jayanti which is the ideal place for the travel explorer who wants to rejuvenate themselves by the natural beauties of the combination of River, Forest and mountain. Jayanti is just 30 km away from Alipurduar. This place is also famous for Buxa Tiger reserve and Buxa Fort.

Pukuri Lake and Mahakal Temple (Cave made of stalaklite stone) are also attractive tourist spots of Jayanti. Jeep safari in Jayanti forest or to boating in the Sikhiajhora will definitely give you more pleasure while covering this area in your travel schedule.

Buxa name has been derived from Buxa Fort (Buxa Duar) which is located at Sinchula Range . Buxa Fort used during the time of freedom movement of India. It was a jail of the British ruler. Most important eleven routes directed from Buxa fort to Bhutan. Surrounded by Rajabhatkhawa, Nimati, Barobisha, raidak, Raimatang, Jayanti, Buxaduar & Bhutanghat , Buxa is a important tourist destination during Dooars Package tour as well as important route . So many rivers covering this place with their gurgling stream comprising of Jayanti, Raidak, Churnia, Sankosh, Turturi, Phashkhawa etc. This area declared as Tiger reserve national park in the year 1992. Nearby railway station is Alipurduar. Most convenient way to reach there by roadways.

Buxa Tiger Reserve

The Buxa Tiger Reserve is rich in wildlife invading the Asian elephant, gaur, Sambar deer, clouded leopard, Indian leopard and Bengal tiger. There are also at least 284 bird species in the reserve. Located in the Buxa Tiger Reserve, the Buxa Fort is the famous Detention Camp from British India where many freedom fighters were held capture during the war of Independence. The fort is a famous trekking spot starting from Suntalabari. There are also a number of treks originating from the Buxa fort. There are treks that mat take one to Raimatang forest throughChunabatti area. Another trek can take one to MahakalTemple on the Indo-Bhutan border before bringing them back to Janyanti. The Rover’s point is a heaven for bird watchers, which requires a trek of about 3kms from the Buxa Fort. One can also trek to Roopam Valley or Rupang Valley which is another 6 kms away bordering Bhutan.
Surrounded by dense forests lies an ideal place for wildlife lovers, Rajabhatkhawa. A watch tower situated deep into the forest allows tourists the sightings of elephants, bisons and even tigers. The Nature Interpretation Center in Rajabhatkhawa is a must for tourists to visit during their Dooars tour. A portion of Rajabhatkhawa serves as the corridor for elephant migration between India and Bhutan. Rajabhatkhawa is an attraction because of the variety of birds that are seen in the forest. Birds include migratory birds like Goosanders, Ibis Bill, Fork-tails, etc and local birds like cuckoos, minivets, flycatchers, owls, etc.Being a part of Buxa, the Phukhri hill is situated at a hilltop at a kilometer of hike from Jayanti. The Pukhri hill is actually a pond filled with various types if fishes and is a spiritual spot for Hindus and Buddhists. The visitors are allowed to watch the fishes and feed them bur killing them is strictly restricted and can be panelized. One requires permit from Rajabhatkhawa to enter the Pukhri hill. Though the Puckhrihill provides view basic view of the Bhutan hill, it’s still worth watching the scenery from such a height. One must definitely include this place to their Dooars tour package.

Phuentsholing Town at India Bhutan border

The border town of South Bhutan is Phuentsholing town which is a highly-populated area. It is an ethnic commercial place dominantly for Indian, Bhutanese and Nepalese. The Zangtho Pelri Lhakhang being in the middle of the town so you can just walk to it. The Crocodile Farm is 15 minutes away from Phuentsholing and you can also take a walk to see that. The Bhutan Gate, you will cross on your way if you are traveling by road from Jaigaon. It’s best to hire a local taxi to see the Karbandi Gompa, Torsa Tea Gardens.

Khayerbari Leopard Rescue Centre

Khariabari: A separate leopard rescue centre is situated on the west side of Jaldapara. It is a small stretch of the forest in Khariabari where leopards are taken care of. Tourists are welcome to come and visit the leopards. If one wants to stay near the Jaldapara National Park, the only option is to stay at Madarihat. The small town of Madarihat is completely surrounded by the Jaldapara forests. One can visit Madarihat not only for exploring the national park but also for the pictorial sceneries of the place.
The small town is surrounded by tea gardens, deciduous forest and hilly terrain along with small river streams throughout the town. The town has its own railway station which allows visitors to easily come here. It is thus the point through which the tourists reach various other Dooars tourism attractions. Not only can one reach Jaldapara from Madarihat but they can also reach Chilapata forest which acts as a corridor between the Jaldapara and Buxa reserve forest. Madarihat is the place which gives tourists a perfect balance between forests and society. From going on a safari in a jeep through the forest to walking through the Tea gardens in Madarihat, one can enjoy all sorts of things at the time of Dooars tour Package including the beautiful landscape.

Dooars Tea Tourism

Tea tourism or home stay in Dooars is a growing holiday destination in Eastern Himalayas. In Dooars tourism it is a must to have a walk and stay in a tea estate. Many tour companies include this tea tourism in the Dooars tour packages. Visiting the Gorumara National Park you should take some time to visit the tea gardens. In Dooars there are two most popular tea gardens with good accommodations namely Phaskowa Tea Estate and Zurrantee in Chalsa.

Wildlife and Birds during Dooars Tour Package

Dooars tourism has its  incraesing demand for its forest, wildlife, and diversity. The Gorumara National Park is covered with tall grasses and forests. It has one of the extinct animal i.e. the one-horned rhinoceros. This animal park gets tourists round the year but the visits drop during the monsoons. The Gorumara National Park was declared a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1949 and is located in the Malbazar subdivision of Jalpaiguri district. Being located on the plains of Murti and Raidak Rivers, this park is close to Jaldapara National Park and Chapramari Wildlife Reserve. This is one of the best places for a Dooars tour.

Wildlife in Dooars:

The park is rich for its wildlife resources and specializes in the famous one-horned rhinoceros. There are about 50 species of mammals and 194 species of birds. This park also has gaur, Asian elephant, sloth bear, chital, and sambar deer. During Dooars Tour Package, any tourists can take elephant safaris or jeep safaris to explore the jungle. Four persons are allowed per elephant ride. The park has a large population of wild boar and pygmy hog it also has large squirrels. This park has some venomous and non-venomous snakes like the Indian Python and the most venomous snake, the King Cobra. The Gorumara National Park is also home to some beautiful bird species like the scarlet minivet, sunbird, Asian paradise flycatchers, spangled drongo, and Indian hornbill.  The things that are needed for the best viewing of the wildlife are binoculars, with night vision facilities at night. They can be best viewed from watchtowers like the Jatraprasad Watch Tower, Chandrachur Watch Tower, Rhino Observation Point, Chukchuki Bird-watching Point. Evey year a laNorth rge number of tourist come to enjoy Dooars tour in North Bengal.

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