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Daringbadi located in the Kandhamal district of Orissa, Daringbadi is often referred to as the Kashmir of Orissa. Known for its lush green forests,wide variety of flora & exotic birds,the place has achieved sudden recognition among tourists.
Its location is highly unlikely as Orissa is mainly known for its beautiful sand beaches and one would find it hard to believe such a beautiful offbeat destination can exist a few kilometres away from their abode.This place is at an altitude of 3000 ft(915 mtrs)above sea level and this adds to the advantage of the tourists. as the place has an extremely pleasant climate through out the year with chances of snowfall in winter. Daringbadi tour packages are beautifully designed by Mercury Tour Operator from Kolkata.  Its Included of Hotel / tresort, Transfer and sightseeing.

How to reach Daringbadi

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To enjoy Daringbadi tour package,  one can plan to travel by air or by train. The nearest most airport to reach Daringbadi is Bhubaneswar airport. Fly to Bhubaneswar airport & then drive 6 hrs by road to reach Daringbadi during your Daringbari Tour Package.
Traveling by train from howrah to Brahmapur station and then proceed to Daringbadi by 4 hrs road drive .

Best time to plan for Daringbadi Tour

Being the favourable weather conditions through out the year,Daringbadi tourism has become the popular tourist destination for all around the year. During summer its cold weather attracts a large number of tourist . The place is known for its abundance of water bodies like lakes,rivers, and water falls. Daringbadi Tour Packages also offers vast forest or Ghati and Green Mountain.
Most of this place is unexplored and thus makes for agreat new destination for tourists who offer fresh off beat places.

Daringbadi Tour Package Plan | 2 Nights 3 Days

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Daringbadi holiday Trip Plan with Gopalpur | 3 Nights 4 Days

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Daringbadi holiday Trip Plan with Gopalpur | 4 Nights 5 Days

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Daringbadi Gopalpur Chilka Tour Plan| 5 Nights 6 Days

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Places of Interest in Daringbadi

Daringbadi Tourist Spot

1.Doluri river: A beautiful small river with its being ideal picnic spot on pleasant days.It has several small falls on it which are wonderous sights during monsoon. It is must visit place during your Daringbadi Tour Package.

2.Hill View point:This spot is recomended to all the tourists as a must visit place as one can get a panoramic view of the entire daringbadi and the places in its vicinity.

3.Coffee Plantations:The modest climate in daringbadi through out the year is the main reason behind the growth of coffee plantation.Soil conservation & forest Department of Orissa maintains the beautiful coffee plantation garden.Also one can find black pepper plantations in daringbadi ,both of which are a must-visit for the tourists.

4. Waterfalls: The Putudi waterfalls in Daringbadiis are another majestic location. As it lies in the mid of the forest, tourists can enjoy the picturesque beauty of these falls with the aid of a tourist guide.

5. Hill View Park: Daringbadi Hill View Park is a must-visit tourist destination with beautifully decorated parks and gardens with a watch tower. Tourists can explore the wide view of lush green mountain ranges from here.

6. Lovers Point: Located in close proximity to Daringbadi Lovers Point is a splendid spot known for its small streams running down the valley into the dense green forests.

7. Madhuban Emu Park

8. Pine Forest

9. Nature Park

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